Just a few details: services

I suppose I need to explain Thetford in more detail.   This will be quite specific -the bare bones of service.   I am writing this as a blog instead of a traditional website because I want to write more about how we do what we do, what issues it raises, what I learn. and how I, and the staff bring ourselves to the service we provide.    The challenges, the day to day joys, the pain, the wonder – that is what makes Thetford what it is.  It has to be about compassion, kindness, caring, or else we are have no fertile soil in which to grow.

So for those you might find yourself visiting this blog because you are looking for a home for someoneI will spell  out the services very briefly and move onto to matters of the heart.   Thetford is a small group home in a residential neighborhood.   ( more about our wonderful neighbors later).  The House provides 24 hour care for people with Alzheimer and other forms of dementia.  Thetford is licensed by the state of Virginia.  We serve three meals a day plus snacks, provide medication management, help with all activities of daily living, laundry, housekeeping, and engage in activities that are meant to be enjoyed, to help us feel connected and valued, and that we hope will nourish the spirit.  We enjoy the neighborhood we live in, spend as much time on our back, protected deck.  As I write the start of our latest project an organic vegetable garden is in its infancy.  As always it is not  what we do, but how we do it.

I am only giving the bare bones here, but the stories are deep and wide and will take many days and months and years to scratch the surface.   I have to take my time and breath.  Hope you will join me from time to time.  This blog is really just about life, and this, we are share together.

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