I am inching my way forward

Just wanted to say a quick hello.  I went on retreat, came back to work, and have going traveling back and forth to Baltimore to see my 92 year old dad who is now under the care of hospice. I am working on my next post but my brain is a little sluggish.

In the meantime, check out my friend’s Jennifer’s Azarriti’s blog, In Dialogue: http://indialoguedc.com/

Jennifer is an educator of young children and her work is based on the Reggio Emilia approach. (http://www.reggioalliance.org/)  I am so moved by her work with young children and the teacher training that she offers. Both the teachers and the children are presented with all kinds of materials – man made and those found in the natural world. They are used to make stunning sculpture, paintings, collages, and weaving.  To take a walk with her is to have one’s eyes opened.

Jennifer came to Thetford with her young son.   She brought slaps of self drying clay rolled into rectangles and boxes of materials from the natural world – leaves, twigs, pinecones, dried flowers, grasses and acorns and seeds that she spread out on paper plates.  Each resident, men included, were drawn to the table.  They sifted through the materials and took delight in the things they picked to use in their project. Very intentionally, each person organized their material in the clay, creating magical, miniature landscapes.

Jennifer’s blog is in it’s infancy, but already, you can see in her photographs the kinds of projects that are possible.  Many of these activities can be adapted for people with dementia.  What it takes to get started is the wonder of looking and seeing possibilities in ordinary objects and in nature right outside the door.

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