When the heart breaks, there is more room for love

It has been hard to write.  It has been hard to bring my focus back after the tumultuous changes.   But regardless of how I feel about the state of the world, or the state of politics, in the end, I have to care for each person, one by one.  The need for connection and caring does not change, and in that spirit I reach out through this small blog post to hold dear those who, because of their impairments, are not able to speak for themselves.  In the case of what I do at Thetford, that impairment is dementia.  It has been a particularly hard time at Thetford, with three deaths, out of eight residents, in a short period of time.

During the seventeen years that Thetford has operated, the population has lived long, but there comes the great reminder that nothing is permanent.   Our job at Thetford is to provide a life of connection and joy, and to support a dying of ease and peace.  

Death is a big transition. We sit with our residents as they make their journeys and we share in the mystery of their transitions to death.  Once the grief has passed, I tell myself, in saying goodbye to someone a possibility opens that  someone who I don’t know yet, might find us and we will open our hearts once again.   When the heart is cracked open, it makes space for more caring and more love.  The lessons that Thetford offers are the lessons of the world.   

Today, we have two openings for new residents available.   Come join us at this door to lovingkindness.

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