What services do you provide?

We provide assistance with all activities of daily living. This includes dressing, bathing, medication management, three meals and snacks throughout the day, laundry and housekeeping services, and activities suited to individual needs and strengths. Above all else, we work to create a sense of home and community for our residents and their families. We believe that it is this quality of commitment and care that matters most.

Who are the Caregivers at Thetford House?

Our staff are licensed nursing assistants and Medication Technicians. Everyone is certified in First Aide and CPR. They receive on-going training in dementia care each year and they are given time off to attend Alzheimer’s Association conferences and workshops that focus on Communication Skills, Mental Health Issues, and End of Life Care. Everyone who works at Thetford House shares a deep respect and commitment to the lives of older people. In additional to our regular employees, Thetford has a nurse consultant and a music therapist.

What kind of activities do you offer?

At Thetford when we talk about activities we are mean everything that we do in a day. The activities of daily living such as dressing or sitting in the kitchen with someone who is having a snack are times of engagement and relationship. At Thetford you will see people sweeping, watering, helping to set the table, and arranging flowers. We encourage our residents to take participate in caring for their home. Whatever provides pleasure or gives meaning to our residents is what matters to us. Our group activities include music therapy, pottery painting, Bingo, ice cream parties, movies, and exercise. We are always ready to try new things and modify our activities to meet individual needs.

How long can residents stay at Thetford? Are there any reasons that a resident would be asked to leave?

Thetford is home to our residents. Unless, someone becomes a danger to themself or to others, or has a on-going skilled nursing need that can not be met by our staff, we hope that our residents will remain with us for the remainder of their lives. When needed hospice care can be arranged. Since Thetford opened in December 1999, no resident has been asked to leave.

What is the process for admission?

First, we want you to come and visit. You can arrange an appointment by calling 202-297-4875. If you want to move forward, then Jackie Darkwa, the house manager, and I want to meet your family member to be certain that we can meet his or her needs. The more we know about your family member, the easier it will be for us to find points of connection to begin building a relationship that will make this new resident feel safe and welcomed. Preparation for moving in includes: a few forms to be filled out, a current physical exam, a TB test, and a social history that gives us sufficient information to understand how to best serve his or her needs.

We’d love to hear from you and would be happy to put you in touch with current and past family members.