Emily Carton started Thetford House in 1999 after having worked in many aspects of geriatric service. She has a Masters Degree in Geriatric Studies and studied Poetry Therapy at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington DC. Her work with senior citizens began as an assistant manager in a larger senior housing facility. She has worked as an activities director in a senior service agency, as a case manager in a lead agency for Aging in Washington, DC., and as an educational trainer in Person Center Care for the National Capital Alzheimer’s Association. Publications include, The Journal for Poetry Therapy, The Washington Post, and Self Help and Psychology Magazine. In addition, she serves as a volunteer at Joseph’s House Hospice in Washington, DC and leads a workshop each fall for new volunteers.

Janet Darkwa is the House Manager and the heart and soul of Thetford. She has been working in Health Care since immigrating to the United States from Ghana in 1996. In Ghana she lived in a multigenerational household, first being cared for by grandparents and then caring for them. For her, choosing to care for older people is an extension of her own family values. She has deep respect for those she cares for and believes that her love and faith has the power to make a difference in the lives of people she serves. She worked in a large assisted living facility and as a private duty Aide before coming to Thetford in 2000.